Questioning the unquestioned.

Isn’t it amazing how children are conditioned into believing the accepted gender roles established by society? These social norms certainly constitute the problematic aspects of our education system. It was found recently in a school textbook, that the ideal body proportion for a woman should be 36-24-36. How exactly are these faulty values supposed to instill confidence about one’s body image?

Inhibiting the minds of the young should never be the aim of education. It is supposed to inculcate positive values and shape the thought process in a way which allows for the liberation of mind and doing away with the shackles placed by vices disguised as virtues in this patriarchal society. Then only education can prophesy for a better future.


Ghandian Educational Philosophy

Some Words of Gandhi :

The real education is that which fully develops the body, mind and soul.

I consider writing as a fine art. We kill it by imposing the alphabet on little children and making it the beginning of learning.

The end of all knowledge must be the building of character; personal purity is to form the basis of character building. Education without character and character devoid of purity would be no good.

An Introduction

A noble profession with a noble cause can be effectively referred to as TEACHING. Adding up two elements can compile the nature of this profession i.e HEAD WORK  +  HEART WORK. You really have to pour your head and heart into teaching which is basically your subject knowledge and dedication with an urge for the proper and effective learning of each and every child you teach.